EkoCalc wapno nawozowe
High-grade + Microelements

Granulated fertilising lime

Our product is a high-grade granulated fertilising lime containing magnesium. It is suitable for use on all crops and all soil types, irrespective of their mineral composition. It may be used in combination with other fertilisers except ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate.

After testing the pH value of the soil we can determine the dose of fertilizer which will be needed to notice the effects of the first harvest.

By applying our fertilizers we enrich the soil with calcium and microelements such as: magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, molidbenes, zinc, boron. This has a very positive effect on fertility and increased yields. EKO-CALC product subjected to the granulation process ensures accuracy of sowing and comfort of use.
HIGH PERCENTAGE GRANULATED FERTILIZING LIME has a beneficial effect on the soil with correct dosing quantities per hectare.

Recommended dosage of our fertilizing lime:
- 300kg to 400kg per 1 hectare - slightly acidic soils
- 400kg to 500kg per 1 hectare - moderately acidic soils
- 500kg to 600kg per 1 hectare - highly acidic soils

EkoCalc oferta nawozy

Additional information

Advantages of lime
- maintains a proper level of soil acidity
- neutralises the harmful effects of heavy metals
- provides plants with essential calcium, micro and macro elements
- improves soil structure
- increases accuracy of fertilisation (convenient dosage)
- is a natural fertilizer, harmless in use
- increases the efficiency of mineral fertilisers
District Chemical and Agricultural Station No. 08/2015
Certificate of qualification for use in organic farming
Certificate of conformity
Packaging available
40kg sack / 600kg bigbag
Percentage content

Fertilising lime

The composition of our fertiliser has remained unchanged over the years and is produced with due care.




Ca - Calcium oxide



Other fertilisers available

- magnesium lime

- granulated chalk

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