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High product
Efficient production line
Timely delivery of goods
We provide our own transport
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Our The company was established due to the demand of regional distributors on the fertilizer market. We offer a high quality product, developed throughout the production process. We are constantly increasing our distribution and working on new products that stand out from other fertilizers.


The basic element which distinguishes our product, appreciated by many recipients


We deliver our products to a nationwide distribution network as well as to individual farmers with our own transport


Each of our products goes through a certification process before it goes on sale

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Fertilizing lime

Every opinion about our products is an important voice for us, which helps to work on improving the assortment and service.

Very good fertilizer, I made an order and they delivered it direct to my field the next day


District of Pajęczno

A good and proven granulated fertilizer from Eco-calc, I recommend it to everyone


District of Łęczyca

I bought it experimentally and after the harvest I see that it is much better than before with other fertilizers


District of Tomaszów

Put on a proven product

EKO-CALC fertilizers